Transition Process

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STEP 1 – IEP Meeting/Amendment

The student’s current IEP team conducts an IEP meeting to amend the following:

  • Service Minutes 
  • Placement
  • Transportation
  • Any other areas to appropriately reflect the student’s current needs

Please note: A member of the Olympic Academy coordinator team is available to support case managers in the amendment process. An Olympic Academy administrator or coordinator will be present at the meeting to discuss the program with the family.

STEP 2 – Intake Meeting & Tour

Olympic Academy staff will contact the student’s family to set up an intake meeting and tour following the completion of an IEP meeting. 

  • Families will learn about the program
  • Families will complete intake packet
  • District representatives and Olympic Academy staff will exchange paperwork
STEP 3 – Contract/Transportation

Prior to a start date being identified, the following will be completed by the LEA:

  • Identify transportation routes 
  • Sign interlocal contract with ESD113
STEP 4 – Start Date Identified

Once all paperwork has been received by Olympic Academy, ESD113, and transportation is identified, a start date will be identified for the student.

Referrals are reviewed in the order they are received. If the student is assessed to be an eligible candidate for Olympic Academy, but the program is full, the student will be placed on a waitlist.

Please Note: Olympic Academy is not an appropriate placement for all students. Students must have all the necessary prerequisite skills and demonstrate a need for the services and supports offered at Olympic Academy to be eligible. Home district special education directors and/or superintendents should contact Olympic Academy early to discuss potential applicants.

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