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Referral/Intake Process

The student’s home district special education director or superintendent should contact the Olympic Academy Program Director to discuss potential students.

  1. The home district’s special education director and/or superintendent submits:
    1. A letter of interest to refer a student to Olympic Academy (this can be an email to the Program Director).
    2. The student’s current Individualized Education Program (IEP), Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), Evaluation, and Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA).
      1. It is typically encouraged for the student to have an updated evaluation and recent Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) / Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) prior to applying to Olympic Academy.
  2. The intake team at Olympic Academy, which is typically comprised of the Program Director, Program Coordinators, a Lead Teacher, and (potentially) a representative from ESD113, screens the referral and student’s current program.
  3. Olympic Academy staff may request to observe the student’s current educational environment.
    1. The Program Director will contact the home district’s special education director and/or superintendent to establish a day to observe.
  4. The intake committee then informs the student’s home district if the student is an eligible candidate for Olympic Academy.
  5. If accepted, the Olympic Academy staff conduct an intake meeting schedule through the home district.
    1. Intake participants must include a district representative (e.g., special education director, superintendent), the student, and at least one family member.
  6. The home district IEP team holds an IEP meeting to amend the student’s services and placement in coordination with the student’s new team at Olympic Academy.
    1. ESD113 drafts an Interlocal Contract and send it to the home district for the appropriate signature.
  7. The Program Director will inform the student’s home district of a potential start date to set up transportation. 
    1. Transportation must be provided by the home district and arranged prior to the student’s start date.
    2. The home district is encouraged to contact Olympic Academy to coordinate behavioral training for bus drivers after transportation is arranged.           

Referrals are reviewed in the order they are received. If the student is assessed to be an eligible candidate for Olympic Academy, but the program is full, the student will be placed on a waitlist.

Please Note: Olympic Academy is not an appropriate placement for all students. Students must have all the necessary prerequisite skills and demonstrate a need for the services and supports offered at Olympic Academy to be eligible. Home district special education directors and/or superintendents should contact Olympic Academy early to discuss potential applicants.

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