Entry Process

  1. Home district special education director or superintendent contacts the Olympic Academy Director and discusses student.
  2. Home district sends records to Olympic Academy.
  3. Olympic Academy staff reviews records and determines if the proposed student is a good fit.

Good fit?

Home district holds an IEP meeting to indicate Olympic Academy as the least restrictive environment.

  1. Once the IEP is amended, Olympic Academy staff draft an Interlocal Contract and send it to the home district for the appropriate signature.
  2. Home district arranges transportation. Once transportation is arranged, have the transportation contact Olympic Academy to arrange bus driver training.
  3. Olympic Academy will contact the family and the home district to arrange an intake meeting, which includes the family, student, Olympic Academy staff, and anyone that the district would like to invite.

Not a fit?

Olympic Academy is not an appropriate placement for all students. Students must have the cognitive capacity to respond to our program and must be verbal.